i’m very rusty, but i’ll eventually do the other characters (thank you for sending requests~).

i don’t know what i’m doing anymore.

my contribution to the see you space cowboy giveaway. i hope whoever receives this little drawing likes it.

the monster anthology kickstarter is well on its way to being funded! thank you to everyone who has pledged to the project, your support means everything 

my two pieces at the society of illustrators student show. i went to the reception on friday, and while i didn’t stay long (i was cranky after work, my feet hurt, i was hungry, i’m a giant baby), it was a great show. i’m very happy to have been a part of it for two years, and congratulate all of the other students/recent graduates who are represented. if you’re in the city, it’s definitely worth a trip!

i read confessions of a mask by yukio mishima. i’m not sure if i enjoyed it, but it’s laden with rich imagery and thoughtful passages. 


just went to go see Only Lovers Left Alive with kdavisillustration…..oh man, loved it. Very pretty. Tilda Swinton is not of this world I swear to god.

we also got ramen!

i was asked where i hope to be when i’m thirty or so, and all i really want by then is a garden and a dog who wears a bandana instead of a leash.