a tiny thank you to arielle, for always including me in her wonderful projects and being so sweet!

somehow i’ve been accepted into the monster anthology.

a thank you for janet, for being an amazing friend and a superstar zine organizer (and for always thinking of me)!


Pre-Orders for See You Space Cowboy zine are now available!!

A huge thanks to everyone that contributed work! I was seriously floored/humbled by how many pieces were submitted. The talent and variety was amazing, and I was introduced to so many awesome artists through this project!
It was reallyyyy tough picking the pieces, but I’m really proud of the final collection in the book, which features 35 artists over 44 full-color pages!

Here’s the official list of contributors that made it to the printed book:

Abby IlyaevAnabel ColazoAngelica AnkawiBabs TarrBeau Q.Boya SunChris ChangChris KindredCJ RasmussenDaniel ShafferDavid ZissouEllen WangEnduroErik LyEvan MunroGene D’cruzeJanet SungJasmine MonterrosoJoan VaritekJohn MiscKelli MooreKelly KaoKevin RoqueKristen DavisMagnus AtomMark A. Fionda Jr.Max TemescuMorgan Kendric SawyerNatalie PhillipsOMOCATRichie PopeSebastian von BuchwaldShannon May , Valeria VieroYssa Badiola

Teaser art by (in order): Anabel ColazoBoya SunAbby Ilyaev, and Gene D’cruze

Edited and curated by Janet Sung
Cover Illustration by Shannon May

guess what received a face-lift and will be returning soon~

my piece for janet’s sad/happy zine, which will be available at mocca this april (check out the main post for more info). everyone featured is incredible, and i can’t wait to see the final product!


klindy designed a really beautiful outfit for my witch queen, so this is a lil’ thank you ε ) also, she’s just started her graphic novel, which is very exciting and you should all read it!

no one could blame you.